WeBuildTheWall, Inc. Advances US Southern Border Wall Plans as GoFundMe Opt-in period concludes on April 14th

WASHINGTON–([1])–WeBuildTheWall, Inc. announced that the last day for those donors who
contributed before January 11 to opt-in at the GoFundMe page is April
14. Per a January 11 update, donors to the precedent-setting GoFundMe
were given the choice of opting in or out of supporting WeBuildTheWall,
Inc., a non-profit organization that is funding the private construction
of our desperately-needed U.S. Southern Border Wall. Over the past 90
days, nearly a quarter of a million of original GoFundMe supporters —
representing a rate of nearly 94 percent — have opted in.

“The opt-in to opt-out ratio has been incredible,” triple-amputee war
hero and WeBuildTheWall CEO Brian Kolfage said. “94% of the people we’ve
been able to reach have chosen to back the new plan compared to 6% who
have chosen to get an immediate refund. The frustrating thing is that
we’ve had a hard time reaching about a quarter of the donors to get a
response one way or the other.” He added, “We are doing everything we
can to reach the remaining outstanding donors. We know if we could reach
them that the data shows more than 90% would enthusiastically support
the new plan. It’s unfortunate that due to issues with email
deliverability and incomplete data that everyone who donated will not
have the opportunity to make a choice.”

Kolfage concluded, “Our donors have been amazing; and I would like to
thank all of them for their patience, as we have focused on making sure
that their contributions will be applied toward the mission of building
the wall on private land.”

With more than $20 million in funds raised in the past four months the
WeBuildTheWall team has already identified multiple interested property
owners in three states. Some property has been ruled out for a variety
of reasons, but other property has been selected because the need for a
barrier there is extremely urgent, and the building can be done in a
cost-effective manner.

“We expect our barrier, which will conform to the publicly issued
standards issued by the Department of Homeland Security, will be at
least 50% less than the federal government’s cost per mile,” said
WeBuildTheWall General Counsel and former Kansas Secretary of State Kris

New donors are invited to donate at the GoFundMe[2]
page, while original donors, who have not yet opted in, are invited to Click
[3] and, when prompted, enter their original email address to have
their donation count towards current and future WeBuildTheWall security
wall efforts.

More information about We Build The Wall Inc. can be found at www.webuildthewall.us[4]
and www.gofundme.com/thetrumpwall[5].

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