Press Release: The Future Of Health Tracking

Innovation Developments ([1]), a London based product design and business development company, are working with tech startup, Opter Life ([2]), to develop the next generation in health trackers.

“The new must-have in wearable tech” as quoted in Forbes 2017*, InDev has worked alongside Opter Life to create ‘Pose’. Rather than a chunky screen on a wrist strap, Pose has gone in an altogether more elegant direction. Worn as either a necklace or clip, the tracker is far more discreet than its existing counterparts.

Opter Life, based in San Francisco, is centred around wellbeing, designed to improve your health and lifestyle. They joined up with InDev to launch their first product, which is set to be the first in a range of lifestyle tracking products that will span monitoring the amount of water you drink to the nutrients you put in your body.



‘Pose’ itself is far more than a health tracker, it focuses on a well-rounded approach to monitoring your movements. Not only does it monitor your posture, but it also considers your exposure to the sun. Unlike conventional trackers that do little more than count the number of steps you have taken, something that most phones now keep track off anyway, ‘Pose’ oversees your overall wellbeing and fitness.

The challenge for InDev was to create a design that encompassed all the necessary electronics, whilst maintaining a minimal physical footprint. To underpin the brand ethos, material choice was just as important as the physical design itself. Bamboo, for example, was chosen for its sustainability and co2 absorption properties as well as its unique aesthetic advantages.

The  design had to align with the intended demographic whilst being a suitable size and shape for any activity that someone could take part in while wearing the device. Being both a health and empathy tracker, attaining such a small pack size is a huge achievement, making ‘Pose’ elegant and understated.

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