Paid VS Free Press Release-which one is more effective?

A lot of businessmen are going through the dilemma of choosing between free and paid press release services.


ig or small, every business needs to increase awareness about their company and the services they provide. And, in this digital world, content marketing is certainly one of the most effective methods of letting the world know about your business goals, products, services, and future projects. There are various companies available in the market that can be hired to fulfill your business goals through digital content marketing, which includes blogs, social media promotions, and most importantly press releases.

These types of content

marketing companies work according to your business needs and help in increasing your brand’s online visibility. If you have a small business or looking for a startup, the first thing you need to consider while choosing

press release distribution sites

is whether to go for free or paid press release distribution services.

Difference Between Paid and Free Press Release (

As a businessman, you might be thinking, what is the

difference between paid and free press release


Effects of Free Press Release Services

If your business has a small budget, then you might be thinking about opting for free press release services. It does save you a significant amount of money, but you also need to consider the amount of impact it can create on the customers. If you go for free press release services, a much greater effort will be needed from your side as well.

And, also the number of effective free PR distribution sites is very less. Even if you find a good one, their PR distribution services will be limited to a small number of sites, and thus your PR will get posted on very few sites. So, you might not get the desired impact on the audience and in most cases, your targeted audience might not get to know about your business.

Effects of Paid Press Release Services

If you go for paid PR distribution sites, your PR will get distributed to many authentic and famous sites; the sites with a wider reach. Having your company’s PR on a famous website will certainly increase your brand’s online visibility and more customers will be drawn to your business. These paid sites also offer social media tagging, the inclusion of visual effects, error-proof posting, and Metadata. Also, you will be provided with a report that would allow you to go through the number of viewers of your PR.

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