OPT: PRCS press release on Beit Hanoun

Gaza Strip: On 29 March 2004, the
Israeli Army using tanks, bulldozers, and apache helicopters for air cover,
invaded Beit Hanoun area in the northern part of Gaza Strip. It is worth
mentioning that the military operation is still going on and the whole
area is under siege and according to Israeli military sources it will take
a long time.

The consequences of this military operation
resulted in casualties, destruction and displacement of families.

– 14 deaths and 103 injuries reported
during the invasion into the abovementioned area

– PRCS ambulances were denied access
and subjected to direct Israeli Army gunfire thus severely restricting
their ability to evacuate sick and wounded from the area

– Since 29 July 2004, the Israeli military
has continued to destroy houses, shops, facilities, in addition to electrical
and sanitation infrastructure. Further more, huge areas of agricultural
lands were bulldozed and leveled.

PRCS’ Disaster Management & Relief
Unit Responds

– The Emergency Medical Services and
the Disaster Management Unit raised their response capacity to the maximum
level in the abovementioned areas.

– Emergency Medical Services and Disaster
Management Unit teams dispatched in the areas of the military operation
to provide assistance to the victims and with the coordination of the International
Red Cross (ICRC), medicine was distributed to the area since the beginning
of the military operation.

These Israeli Army measures have resulted
in severe humanitarian consequences in terms of civilian deaths, injuries,
internal displacement of residents, and impeding the work of emergency
medical services teams, all of which constitute violations of the Fourth
Geneva Convention (Protection of Civilians) and the First Additional Protocol
of the Geneva Conventions, which are legally applied to the occupied Palestinian

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