Global Privacy Control — Take Control Of Your Privacy

We look forward to working with AG Becerra to make GPC legally binding under CCPA. At the same time, we are exploring GPC’s applicability and functionality with regard to other similar laws worldwide, such as the GDPR. We are excited about the prospect of empowering people with an easy-to-use tool to exercise their privacy rights.

Abine logoWe believe consumers rights to online privacy must be expanded. And it is equally importantly to make online privacy easier for people. The combination of legislation and enforcement, protocols like the Global Privacy Control, as well as simple auditable privacy tools for consumers and the organizations they interact with, all play critical parts in realizing Privacy 2.0. Abine’s Blur and DeleteMe products and services will actively support initiatives like the GPC and other experiments to strengthen and clarify approaches that can deliver results.

Brave logoBrave is about putting users in charge of their online experience and building products that incorporate privacy by default, so we’re excited to launch GPC alongside our partners to give users the control they deserve. The Web needs such standards to continue being what it was meant to be, and we look forward to the wide dissemination of GPC across publisher sites and consumer tech to strengthen the global rise of the privacy wave.

Consumer Reports logoConsumer Reports is committed to finding novel and practical solutions to safeguard our privacy. While the CCPA offers Californians important new rights, it’s just not practical to opt out of data sales on a site-by-site basis. We are proud to work on this project to offer universal controls to make data rights more manageable for consumers.

Digital Content Next logoAs new privacy laws around the globe catch up to public expectations, we’re proud to work with such an esteemed group of privacy-forward leaders to experiment with technical solutions which reduce friction and increase trust between a user and the sites they choose to interact. The GPC is intended to be a simple, easy-to-use solution with immediate utility in California as now required by law.

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