10 Tips for Announcement or Press Release Email People Want to Read

Maybe this has happened to you: Your company spends months preparing for major changes to the website and maybe even a new product. You’re excited to debut updates with your customers and followers.

This involves a press release, PR publications, an impressive landing page, social media posts—but what happens if your audience doesn’t show the interest you expected?

The truth is, many people quickly scroll past social media posts, and organic traffic can take a while to ramp up. As for PR wires, you can’t solely rely on journalists and industry writers to get your announcements out for you, either.

Email, on the other hand, allows you to communicate with your audience in a highly personalized and controlled fashion.

In this post, we’ll explain why email is an excellent tool for business announcements and press release distribution. We’ll also go over some tips and examples for maximizing brand awareness and engagement.

Why should you use email for announcements and press release distribution?

Email works well for announcements and press releases, because presumably, everyone subscribed to your list wants to hear from you. After all, they voluntarily joined your list, opting into your communications.

Social media posts can certainly work in your company’s favor, alerting customers to product updates and offers. However, some platforms—like Facebook, for instance—are pay-to-play, meaning you may have to pay to get any exposure to your audience. And even then, you’re relying on algorithms.

With email, however, you and your subscribers are in complete control. Most adults use email, and over half[1] check it on the average day. This means subscribers are highly likely to see your email in their inbox.

You can carefully craft your design, branding, and message, and your subscribers can easily engage with your announcement quickly.

It’s hard to argue with the numbers: 72% of people[2] prefer to hear from brands through email. Meanwhile, only 17% choose social media. With intriguing subject lines, concise and informational copy, stunning images, and clear CTAs, your conversion and engagement potential is truly unlimited.

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